Celebrating Volunteer Week 2021

Janie Richardson-Simmonds shares her experience of working as one of the Hub’s volunteers – ‘I became a volunteer to support a new initiative that was greatly needed where I live. I enjoy the socialising and meeting of new and various people while watching a new initiative succeed. Volunteering is twofold; on the one hand you are giving up your time to support something while on the other hand you are reaping the rewards that come with its success. Everybody should volunteer at least once in their life because of the rewards and satisfaction it gives. It also makes one aware of the many challenges that charities must face for them to be able to exist.’
If you would like to join our team of volunteers, please email admin@hubonryehill.org.uk or call 01797 331800 for more details
Celia Kember shares her thoughts about volunteering at the Hub – ‘What do I enjoy about volunteering? The camaraderie with fellow volunteers, staff and the public. What does volunteering mean to me? The satisfaction of knowing that I’m helping others. Would I recommend volunteering to others? Definitely, especially if they have spare time and want to be of use to others. It gives one a purpose in life.
Celia Kember shares why she decided to become a volunteer – ‘I have lost family and friends due to illnesses as well as my late husband who died of cancer in Rye Hospital several years ago. Shortly after this I was made redundant and became of retiring age. I felt that it wasn’t a good time to sit back and do nothing so I decided it was time to give back to those that needed some form of help in the community. I was so grateful for the help I received from nurses, doctors, family and friends during my husband’s illness. I went on to help with St Michael’s Hospice for 6 years before joining the Hub when it first opened.’
If you would like to join Celia as a volunteer please visit www.hubonryhill.org.uk, email admin@hubonryehill.org.uk or call 01797 331800 for more details.
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Ellen McGahan · March 22, 2022 at 7:37 am

I went into the hub yesterday for the very first time to pick up some information leaflets.
And was so glad I did, i was helped by a very nice man who gave lots of information . And on top of all that I purchased two lovely slices of coffee and walnut cake to take away . Yum!
It was one of the nurses from the health centre that recommended the hub to me . So glad she did as I never knew ANYTHING about this wonderfullplace before .

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